"You're a WHAT now?"

Great question! We make and sell clothing that fits everyone. Clothing that is inspired by our love of history and fantasy, but wearable today. Clothing that is comfortable and durable. Clothing that (we hope) makes you feel happy to wear.

And then, if that wasn't enough, we then take some of our clothing and hand-dye them to one of a kind pieces of wearable art. Our first love is Ice Dye, but we have room enough for lots of different styles and patterns that make our clothing stand out. Plus a few tricks up our sleeve so you stand out too!

And then...there are the CORSETS. (insert drool here). 3 styles, 7 colors, 12 sizes. Many varieties. That makes these grogeous pieces the top of everyone's list. And our all-steel boning ensures that they will last.

But mostly? We're here for you. Stop by one of our shows and try out something or many things! Our customer service will not be beaten and we'll help you have fun along the way.

Stop back on by! We just started this site and there WILL be more coming SOON!
Come enjoy the ride with us!!

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