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MacCamie Studios

Reversible Cotton Cloak- Black Sorcery

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The glamour of dazzling costumes is all well and good but at the end of the day, no one wants to hand-clean historically inspired clothing. Fear not, for we’ve got you covered! Our machine-washable, one hundred percent cotton cloaks are not only easy to care for, they come in reversible colors! Our reversible-to-black cloaks give you two garments in one and endless possibilities on and off the Faire grounds. Available in all of our striking dye sets, these cloaks give an alternating air of fun or mystery but they never lose their timeless silhouette.

These cloaks are designed for indoor and outdoor wear. MacCamie Studios’ cloaks feature a unique 7-ft tie that allows for maximum versatility: simply pass the ties under your arms and tie it off. This will allow the wearer to keep their cloak open and display any outfit to its best advantage. This makes our cloaks a promising investment for a variety of ensembles and outfits. This cloak will not choke the wearer or slide from the wearer's shoulders and leaves arms free for ease of movement. The voluminous and generously cut fabric will swirl around the wearer bringing a dramatic swoosh to any turn. For a more mysterious feel- a slight adjustment and the cloak may be worn closed, while keeping a hand free to hold packages or umbrellas, by simply crossing your heart with our ties, and rest assured that your cloak will neither cinch at the neck nor slide from the shoulders. The cloaks are heat set to keep the colors vibrant and beautiful wear after wear.

Machine washable and dryable.

Material: 100% Cotton 

Measurements: Hood: 18x16 inches
Cloak Length: 50 1/2 inches

Please note: Each cloak is hand-dyed and therefore will look different than the picture. These pictures are here to give you reference for color combinations and general appearance only.